Agathe and Adrien

We are a hand to hand duo. Our duo, Agathe and Adrien, work at the edge of the dance, the circus, and the theater/performing arts. This multidisciplinarity allows us to develop a unique circus vocabulary.

With our numbers, we create a sensible space between us and the public. A space of simple contemplation were the

choreographies build themselves around the tension between tenderness and violence.

Based in Montreal, we are orienting our artistic career towards creation. We adventure in search of chance encounters, shared experiences and, all permitting, a little bit of poetry.


Adrien Malette-Chénier


Graduated from the Circus School of Quebec, Adrien Malette-Chénier specializes in hand to hand and juggling. With his duo ''Agathe and Adrien'', he has participated in multiple festivals in Quebec, such as Montréal Complètement Cirque, Festival d'été, Comédie Ha, and many more. With the same duo, he participated in the original creation of Eden, a show by Variete Wolrdwide, in Miami. Between circus, dance and performing arts, Adrien orients his practice towards the research in contemporary circus.


Agathe Bisserier

Agathe began circus at a very young age in France, her country of birth. Her first encounter with contemporary circus came when she was fourteen years old, when she was accepted to the École Nationale de Cirque de Châtellerault. There, she specialized in Washington trapeze. Later, in August 2014, Agathe packed her suitcase and left for Québec to undertake
the professional program at the École de Cirque de Québec. Here, she met Adrien.
Nowadays, Agathe is a hand-to- hand and icarian games flyer.